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Bimetal thermal-composite material introduction

 Our patent products with independent research and development (China Patent No. 200810049101.2) --- Bimetal thermal-composite material
This product adopts special and professional process and method to combine two different performance of material in molten condition at the same time to melt as a whole one. The interface of combining is up to 100%. Its working end is of high chromium cast iron material to effectively ensure adequate performance of anti-friction; its assembling end is of alloy steel material of good tenacity to assure the safety of running. The hardness of bimetal thermal-composite material is up to HRC62-65. Its impact ductility is over (AK) 30J/cm2. It has high anti-friction effects and reliable security. This effectively solves the contradiction between the hardness and ductility to meet and adapt to a variety of complex and harsh working conditions.
The practical application shows that the effect of bimetal thermal-composite material is 2-3 times of high manganese material. It is especially used to the hammer and board hammer of large crushers and the lining plate of large ball mill, Remarkable effects particularly when worked in harsh environment of mining conditions, for many crushing field as limestone, cement clinker, sand stone, coal spoil, basalt etc.


Hardness of
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high manganese hammerhead
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